UX Design from a Business Perspective, Part 2

UX Design 101: How to Measure Results?

In Part 1, I wrote that UX design is a strategic function of business growth. In Part 2, we’re going to talk about some UX design principles that can be leveraged to improve user experience, and I’ll offer some KPIs to measure success.

What does it take to offer great UX?

How to measure UX improvements? Some handy KPIs to keep an eye on.

Fortunately, the UX design world has started to understand that without offering clear, quantified ways to measure results, it’s unlikely that business stakeholders would be willing to invest more budget in such efforts.

KPIs help translate the project-specific success factors such as desired user behavior, opinion, and emotions into numbers. UX design KPIs can be categorized as:

Succeeding with UX

Regardless of the industry, target audience, and the maturity of a product or service, UX design is essential for business growth. If you feel that it’s about time to pay more attention to user experience, re-focus your product to be customer-centric rather than engineering-driven, or the redesign of that legacy app is long overdue, be sure to get started with assessing the current status of your UX design.

We at Resolute Software provide expert UX services. Building on the solid foundation of qualitative and quantitative research, our team will identify the problems of your existing UX architecture and propose solutions backed by hard data and scientific analysis.

The UX assessment package we offer is an effective way to identify usability issues and map out the means to solving them. Get in touch today to schedule your UX assessment.

Originally published at https://www.resolutesoftware.com on June 10, 2020

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