Resolute Software and Veli Pehlivanov— The Path to Becoming a CTO

You have started your career path as a junior software engineer and today you run your own company. It must have been quite a journey! What were some of the most difficult moments?

Can you share with us what were the best lessons learned along the journey?

Can you share what it is like to be a manager and lead people, and did you have a plan on how to do it?

What helped you the most on the way to becoming a CTO?

What brought you and the other co-founders of Resolute Software together?

How did your responsibilities change once you become a CTO?

What advice would you give to the people who are about to start their own business?

Would you share with us what your current professional and personal ambitions are?

What does your role mean in the context of the tech ecosystem in Bulgaria?



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