DevOps 101 — How to Make It Work for Your Organization

The benefits of DevOps for organizations

  • Rapid innovation. With DevOps, companies can stay relevant in a quickly developing digital world allowing businesses to experiment with new technologies on the go. Development cycle times are shorter while making changes is easier and faster.
  • Higher customer-centricity. DevOps allows companies to work in a continuous way. This helps them deliver exactly what the market demands due to the rapid iterations and real-life feedback. It also leads to improved customer experience.
  • Decreased time-to-market. The need for speed is ever more relevant in today’s landscape. DevOps allows businesses to boost their internal processes so that they create products and bring them to market much faster.
  • Increases team flexibility. When it comes to rapid adaptation and frequent changes in direction, acting like a start-up is not easy for larger companies. DevOps makes it possible, as it sets the ground for real organizational agility.
  • Lowers costs and optimizes results. Businesses need to be competitive in terms of costs and margins. The faster delivery and increased efficiency that DevOps offer brings down the overall costs of an organization. While not the sole focus of these practices, profitability inevitably goes up when a company functions better and quicker.

What makes DevOps different from CI/CD and Agile

The top 5 tips for unlocking the value of DevOps

Making DevOps work for your business with Resolute Software



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