Are you getting the most from your Salesforce investment?

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5 min readDec 14, 2021

Enterprises globally use Salesforce to connect on a daily basis with their customers on various levels. Being the #1 CRM platform for the last decade, Salesforce puts a solid foundation for how the business architecture is built, covering the whole sales processes and service, marketing direction, invoices, quotes, documentations, and every transaction across an organization. It’s no exaggeration that Salesforce could be both the heart and the brain of the business. Therefore, once implemented, taking care of it is crucial for any company that wants a cutting edge. After all, once you’ve made the initial investment in Salesforce, it should be one of your most significant assets for helping your team bring in revenue and deliver value to clients. But what do specialists recommend doing and when it is essential to step back and assess the current situation to ensure you obtain the most ROI from your Salesforce investment?

Keep on reading to find out when and why you must consider conducting an in-depth analysis of your Salesforce ecosystem and what specialists recommend doing.

When is the best time to assess your Salesforce utilization?

If you don’t utilize your Salesforce ecosystem effectively, you could waste money and risk the smooth operations of your business processes. Whether you are new to Salesforce or have used the software for years, there are a couple of essential questions you should ask yourself to make sure that your Salesforce implementation is utilizing all your platform capabilities and supporting your day-to-day business activities effectively. Here they are:

1. Is it customized to your unique business needs?
Salesforce is intended to apply to various industries, company sizes, and even types of businesses. As great as it could be in organizing the processes and managing the relationships with the clients, it is simply not perfect. It usually comes with many default capabilities to help you get started once you have purchased your licenses, but these default capabilities are typically set to industry best practices. For example, the standard objects out of the box fit some industries depending on the complexity and the business processes. However, this isn’t always the case, and those pre-set objects and procedures don’t apply equally to all businesses. Therefore, specialists emphasize the importance of personalization from the early stages of the implementation of Salesforce in the organization. Utilizing the standard objects and fields and including custom fields and objects is considered best practice to make sure that Salesforce is operating specifically for the unique needs of your business.

2. Is it up to date?
The businesses, the clients, and the environment are constantly changing, and something that was effective and worked five years ago doesn’t necessarily apply to the current situation. As simple as it sounds, as the customers’ needs evolve, your Salesforce should reflect on these changes. Salesforce plays a key role in the organization of the whole business. Therefore, as the company itself is adapting to the changes to be competitive and thriving on the market, it is essential to take a step back and regularly assess the processes within your existing Salesforce ecosystem.

3. Do you utilize the 360° client view?
A properly integrated and utilized Salesforce ecosystem should offer a 360° view of every client interaction. The core of a utilized client 360° view means that no matter where the customers’ information comes from, it should always be available at one place and easy to find whenever it is needed. Ultimately the final goal is to open a client record and see all interactions and third-party relationships visualized on one page. Suppose you struggle to access client information quickly and easily, all at once. In that case, this indicates that something is not working correctly, and you are not using the capabilities of the Salesforce platform efficiently. Asking yourself how account-centric your system is, is another good place to start to make the most out of your Salesforce instance. Therefore, an assessment and analysis of your current Salesforce ecosystem would highlight the key elements that should be improved. Ultimately, a 360° client view makes all operations consistent, effective, and efficient.

Just getting started with Salesforce.

If you are just getting started with Salesforce or migrating from another CRM platform and need help understanding your business’s needs, seeking specialists’ help could be beneficial. They will ensure that you build the right foundations with your CRM system.

What specialists recommend?

Whether you are new to Salesforce or have used the Software for years, regular assessment should be conducted to ensure you obtain the highest ROI from your Salesforce ecosystem. Professional help from a Salesforce partner outside of the company has many benefits and is always considered a more efficient and cost-effective approach. Salesforce consultants know and understand the Software from the inside out, and they have hands-on experience with a variety of industries and businesses. Having a partner to guide you throughout your Salesforce journey is associated with a higher success rate. Read more about the benefits of having a salesforce partner here.

Using the help of a Salesforce partner to conduct a deep analysis of your Salesforce platform could be a critical step towards optimizing the process and the overall success of your business.

Get help with Salesforce Assessment from Resolute Software.

We realize that your Salesforce Assessment is an essential step toward transforming your business and utilizing the platform capabilities. Our Salesforce assessment will give you the proper foundation and guidance for quickly improving your Sales Cloud platform and at zero cost. Our Salesforce Specialists will conduct an in-depth evaluation and identify critical aspects of the Sales Cloud modules to be improved. They will provide recommendations for under-utilized objects to help you get the most from the Out-of-the-Box functionalities.

Resolute Software has helped over 200 companies across the globe to turn their Salesforce investment into an efficient and scalable implementation with long-term results. Our company has the diverse cross-industry experience and boasts a team of seasoned experts. Each of our projects offers a solution tailored to our customers’ needs. By working with us, you can always rely on transparency and professionalism.

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