In the beginning of 2020 our team was busy developing a mobile app with global importance. With the app we helped a wide audience of policymakers, researchers, practitioners and global citizens get access to timely critical health information in 30 regions and in 6 languages. The application’s success was great as its launch was perfectly timed — just at the start of the pandemic. This resulted in 500,000 downloads and a rating of 4.2+ within the first weeks.

We are excited to share with you what we did and how we did it in the infographic below. If you want to learn more you can check our detailed case study here.

Infographic of mobile app, health organization project

DevSecOps explained

Did you know that one in four breaches in remote work is linked to trusted insiders?

Insider threats are not new, but as a major part of the workforce is working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, internal breaches in remote work and other types of new cyber attacks are affecting more and more organizations across the globe.

According to the latest Amatas’ Cyber Threat…

The trends shaping the digital and technology market in 2020 and beyond

It might seem exaggerated to claim that 2020 was the year that brought digital transformation into the spotlight but it might also not be far from the truth. In our first blog post on the topic, we highlighted how in 2020 the pandemic accelerated a global shift in digitalization. …

The trends shaping the digital and technology market in 2020 and beyond

You thought 2020 was upside down? Welcome to 2021. Times are weird, not to mention challenging. With the pandemic ramping up the level of competition, it has never been so important for companies to provide customers with the experience they want, no matter which channel they choose to engage through.

How do you make your company faster deliver better products that fit market demands? This is the question that DevOps was created to address — a question of central importance to business leaders across the board.

Building on different methodologies, the DevOps approach focuses on breaking the wall between development…

Day in and day out, we at Resolute Software solve complex engineering challenges. No matter the field, we conduct extensive research and apply best in class engineering principles. Throughout this series of posts, we’ll be sharing real-life challenges we’ve come across during our work.

Enjoy the read!

Data’s been the…

DIY Salesforce implementation or not

Without a doubt, Salesforce is the largest and the best cloud CRM solution worldwide. According to the last official statistics from 2018, the company was boasting a market share of 19.5%, significantly outrunning its competitors. And for good reason. Apart from its excellent CRM services, Salesforce also enables businesses to…

CI/CD webinar recording and the importance of DevOps adoption

Delivering software quickly, reliably, and safely is at the heart of successful technological transformation and efficient organizational performance. However, getting there often means adopting solutions for which your team is not yet knowledgeable or accustomed. …

While often used as synonyms, digital modernization and digital transformation mean different things for your business. They’re both hot terms that are dropped to signify digital change — yet they entail fundamentally different approaches.

When it comes to improving how your organization functions, you should go beyond the buzzwords to…

Yana Chavgova, Salesforce consultant in Resolute Software

Yana is our newest Resolute Software team member, and we are delighted to welcome her onboard to head the recently created Salesforce practice here in Resolute. Yana is a consulting leader with many talents, she is passionate about technology, fitness, and healthy lifestyle. She is a mother of a sweet…

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